Doki Doki Literature Club!
ANYC 2022 Meetup

Hi, Monika here!Welcome to the Literature Club! Come attend today's Literature Club meeting where you can take photos and meet fellow club members who love your best girl just as much as you do. Make sure to grab a free DDLC sticker and wear it as a badge of Literature Club honor!
Just [[Monika]] don't forget to bring your poem!
Will you write your way into her heart? ♡
(Keep cosplays family friendly)
Run by Spookie

Questions & Answers

What time/where will the meetup be in ANYC?

The meetup will be at
1:30pm on Saturday, November 19th in the Crystal Palace in the main ANYC lobby, Cosplay Meetup Area 1.
Check @spookie.jpg on Instagram for updates!

Why are cosplays asked to be family friendly?

AnimeNYC is a family friendly event that welcomes anime fans of all ages. Even though DDLC is a 13+ game, let's try to keep this meetup clean, comfortable, & family friendly.

Are doubles allowed?

Yes, of course!
Even doubles of MC are welcome.

How will photos be shared?

DDLC x ANYC Meetup Photo Link: the link into your brower to access the album!

What are the rules for this meetup?

Keep cosplays family friendly (no gore, etc). Do NOT take photos of/touch other cosplayers/attendees without consent. All convention rules apply to this meetup! Please know this meetup runs on ANYC's schedule; the meetup will start & end on ANYC's officially scheduled time slot.Failure to follow the rules will result in being asked to leave the meetup.